Lily Burris: Herald Editor-in-Chief

It is no secret that the field of journalism is in the midst of a widespread and uncertain shift. Political attacks, dwindling circulation, digital advertising profits that fall short and more make choosing a leadership role at any newspaper a challenging and stressful decision. Lily Burris, a 21-year-old journalism major from Bowling Green, was chosenContinue reading “Lily Burris: Herald Editor-in-Chief”

Ronnie Ward: BGPD Public Information Officer

Police officers in the United States wake up every morning unaware of what stresses and dangers the day holds for them. Ronnie Ward began his career at the Bowling Green Police Department over 14 years ago, working the streets for four years and serving as Public Information Officer for 10 years. We reached out toContinue reading “Ronnie Ward: BGPD Public Information Officer”

Rose Donnelly: Writer and Philosophy Student

Navigating the difficulties of life is no easy task. 19-year-old writer and philosophy student Rose Donnelly is not a stranger to this reality; however, she finds purpose in helping others overcome challenge. Rose published two books of poetry this year — “Dancing Alone” in January and “Looking in The Mirror” in July. She is aspiringContinue reading “Rose Donnelly: Writer and Philosophy Student”

Coping Strategies: Meditation

During my sophomore year of college, I enrolled in a course covering the various branches of Buddhism. It would prove to be one of the most helpful classes I’ve ever taken, and not a day goes by where I’m not reminded of some Buddhism tenet or text. The practice of meditation is, obviously, a fundamentalContinue reading “Coping Strategies: Meditation”